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Rediscovering Tradition:

Our passion for preserving and sharing the rich traditions of Parsi and Goan cuisine brought us back to Cama Baug, a place of historical significance and timeless charm. Once again, we transformed this elegant venue into a culinary heaven, where heritage met innovation.

The Culinary Stars:
At the heart of this event were the dishes that have been passed down through generations. We welcome you to savour the authentic flavours of our culture, with a spotlight on our signature items, Chicken/Mutton Kheema Rolls, Chicken Boti Soti, Chicken Cafreal, Mawa Cake & our homemade Tomato, Prawn, and Chicken pickles.


Community and Connection:
Our second exhibition was not just an event; it was a celebration of our tight-knit community and the love we have for our culinary heritage.


As we look back on our second exhibition at Wapiz Cama Baug Sale, we are filled with gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Waiting to tap into many more such events!

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