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Born Out Of Love

Nixon Fernandes and Prochi Mahudawala started their journey and passion in 2020. Together they built Bawa Gone Goan

The journey from wanting to become your own boss to being your own boss is a long one. But, the owners of Bawa Gone Goan knew this from the start. Nixon and Prochi, experienced corporate whizzes, took it into their hands to introduce the world to two offbeat cuisines. Post-lockdown courage led them to leave their secured jobs in 2020 and open a kitchen that exclusively offers Parsi and Goan cuisines. The couple decided to start Bawa Gone Goan for their sheer love for food and each other’s cultures.  What made Bawa Gone Goan more special was the idea to bring together the delicacies from both Parsi and Goan cuisine on a single plate.


Founded by Prochi Kersi Mahudawala and Nixon Raymond Fernandes in 2020, Bawa Gone Goan stepped into the market of food delivery business with a passion for food and a zeal to create employment opportunities for people around them.  With this new zeal, Bawa Gone Goan opened its first test kitchen in January 2021 in Andheri East, receiving almost 12 orders weekly.


Today, Bawa Gone Goan offers almost 62 types of dishes and takes bulk orders for small and medium-sized parties all across Mumbai. They have grown and expanded their passions into pickles as well. Their vision at hand remains to expand with multiple outlets in India and abroad, and spread their passion worldwide.


Prochi and Nixon’s experiment with flavours began on their wage to find a unique theme for their company. With all the ancient Parsi restaurants and eateries serving authentic Goan recipes, thinking out of the box was the need of the moment. They realized there’s a lot in common between Parsi and Goan flavour profiles than everyone cares to admit. In a world where differences are celebrated, Bawa Gone Goan found its USP in similarity. Yes, both the cultures owe their authenticity to foreign lands but they have also evolved as per the local palate, making them similar yet different in their own way.


Bawa Gone Goan is a tribute to two cultures, an effort to keep age-old recipes alive.  We aim to directly deliver food from our kitchen to your heart.

Prochi Mahudawala, Co-Founder of Bawa Gone Goan

Prochi Mahudawala, Co-Founder

Adopted and raised in Mumbai, Prochi spent her early years in trying to find the best career and personal relations fit for herself. There were a lot of rough patches, bad influencers, failed attempts at excelling in school and colleges, etc. Though there were no past professional and personal accomplishments. Yet she explored many fields in her time, from photography, to event management, to graphic designing to marketing, she wanted to learn it all. But it wasn’t until her late 20’s, when her life truly turned around. She finally found her sense of belonging, found her place in the world, found a purpose she was born to fulfil. All her life she had 2 role models, her grandfather, whose RIP was taken too soon and her father who’s with her at every step of the way today. Their hard work, their past responsibilities at home and outside, their sacrifices, is why today she’s doing everything she can to make them proud.Prochi has found the positive energy she once lacked and has promised to build a legacy where she would;Share her passion with the world.Do every bit to bring employment opportunities to the neglected.Contribute to society in every way she can.These are the very beliefs that brought her and Nixon together to build a legacy together!   

Nixon Fernandes, Co-Founder of Bawa Gone Goan

Nixon Fernandes, Co-Founder

Nixon is driven by his passion for creativity and hunger for making the world a better place. Here’s a little about who he was and what he wants to be. Nixon had a great eye for electronics with a background in physics and instrumentation science. He created a robotic arm during his MSC in Instrumentation Science, Pune, Maharashtra. While having an aptitude in science wasn’t enough, he also explored his passion by taking up multiple freelance projects in Graphic Designing. Nixon had a couple of personalities he looked up to all his life. Nicola Tesla, Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Barack Obama, Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and many more…. He admired their true struggles and stories.His only goal today is to live up to their greatness, create employment opportunities and contribute to the society in any and every way he can. Nixon believes in this powerful quote by Mother Teresa – “Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

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