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A Blog about the Bloggers

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Isn't content king? But that's not just it. Engaging content is what catches the eye of the viewers. People these days have the attention span of a goldfish, and thus, making content that is worth reading become the need of the hour.

One such content creator who has taken the Instagram world one review at a time is the food blogger. We believe they are the most important kind out there, and no matter how many, we all have that one food blogger that makes us drool every time we scroll through their feed.

We’d like to think that food bloggers are the wizards of the food world. They possess the art of creating the most loved content in the world. We all have our favourite cuisine, and the best part is that there are bloggers for every niche and local kind. Additionally, they also hold the privilege of giving small businesses like ours the following- reach, recognition, credibility, and word of advice.

Reach- Food bloggers give us the followers that we need. This is crucial for small businesses to boom and build. Each blogger has their niche, taste & style based on which they put in a lot of effort to build an audience for themselves. This helps the brand they promote and support to a great extent. Brands choose the bloggers they want to collaborate with based on the level of interest, the content they create and the audience engagement. These things must match the value and image of the brand.

Recognition- People have been very active on social media, and to turn a reader into a follower and eventually into a customer is a task every brand on social media has taken over. Followers converted into customers give you recognition rather than a mere number of it. The reviews that bloggers put out for various brands go a long way. It instils confidence in their audience to try out the product or services and gives the small businesses an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Credibility- Everyone on social media has become picky about choosing who they want to follow, and they do this after a lot of consideration and scrolling through the feed. But when a person decides to follow someone, they do it because they trust and relate to the content. So whenever reviews are posted, we immediately take their word for it. How the bloggers communicate with their followers, their views and if it matches the brand, the style of delivering the message and the emotional connection they build come into play while reviewing the product/ service. A good and genuine review gives the brand the word of mouth they need in this extremely competitive environment.

Word of advice- The reviews by these bloggers in the form of videos, expression, and words is what adds value to the views and advice they express about various brands.

The food industry has been evolving at an incredible speed, and technology has a notable impact on what people eat. We like to experiment and try new things, but at the same time are also very sceptical about unique concepts.

While many locals still like the classic, time-tested recipes, some are curious to try new foods. Creative food bloggers will provide accurate information on the best locations to visit if someone wants to experience the local culture, test new recipes, or simply discover mouthwatering local fare.

Having a blogger review your food is surely needed and gives the business the traction it needs to sustain. Lately, bloggers have been very accommodating of small businesses. It is a quality that brands like us appreciate, admire and are grateful for. Hence, for brands, teaming up with the right blogger is something that is the first step towards gaining the right audience.

So having a food blogger rave about our food in the most genuine way possible is all that matters to us and to other brands as well.

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