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A Punch We Love To Munch On - The Goan Cuisine

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

As promised, here's a blog about the most socially loved state by all the party animals out there. What better way to describe this place other than to talk about the endless coconut trees, white beaches, cafes at almost every nook, and its famous nightlife? Let’s Go Goa!

A shout-out to the cuisine is a must when talking about Goa. It’s precisely what draws most of the foodies to it. Goan food is known to tickle your taste buds in ways you would have never even imagined. Now, let us dive into what makes their food so unique and delicious.

Here's a fun fact for you- the cuisine is based on the state's Hindu Saraswat origins and also on the influence of the Portuguese who ruled Goa for 450 years. The tropical climate calls for flavoured and spicy food. The Portuguese are to be credited for introducing Goan’s to chilies, cashew nuts, beef and pork. Thanks to this we now have the most delectable dishes enjoyed by Goan’s and others who visit the state. They also influenced Catholic cuisine which uses vinegar in many of their dishes. Some other common ingredients used by Goan’s are kokum, coconut, garlic and wine.

You'd be surprised to know that until the late 20th century, the Hindus of Goa were reluctant to add potatoes and tomatoes to their diet. Most of the popular Goan dishes are adapted from other cuisines. These are vinha de alhos which means wine or wine, vinegar, and garlic in Portuguese. Then we have pork vindaloo (a Christmas Special) and fish recipe as well. Goan sausages (chourico sausages) are spicy and made of pork, another famously relished dish.

Goan’s also learned bread making from the Portuguese, resulting in the Goan Poi, one of the most distinctly familiar aspects of Goa. Xacuti, and chicken Cafreal, named after the African soldiers or kaffirs are also Goan specials. Another dish that originated in Macau, Prawn Balchao, the original recipe of Balchao has shrimp paste. Ambot-tik, known as sour-spicy, is a fish curry with kokum— a hot favourite of the Goan’s. They use dry fruits, nuts and seeds in many recipes. For example, cashews are very versatile for Goan’s. It is consumed as a snack and even added to any dish, both savory and sweet. Caju Feni – is an alcoholic drink brewed from the fruit of cashew trees. There is also Palm Feni or Toddy extracted from coconut palms.

As for the seafood which is cooked in many delicious ways- crab, mussels, squid, clams, lobsters, oysters, prawns, and more types including tuna, mackerel, kingfish, pomfret and shark fish are cooked in ways that make Goa the most popular and loved place for sea-food enthusiasts.

No, we haven't forgotten about the desserts! Goa has a unique array of desserts made mostly of coconut, like Bebinca. It is a beautifully layered dessert made of milk, eggs, butter, jaggery and coconut milk. It is either steamed or baked. It can be eaten as is or served with ice cream. Some traditional sweets that are mostly made of jaggery, rice flour, lentils and coconut are dodol and pinaca, and doce.

We are not going to leave out the one thing that Goa is famous for– the reason most of us go there- Alcohol! Goa has the honor of manufacturing the first wines in India. The beverages include beer, Feni, and port. Vinho do Porta (port) and Feni are good accompaniments to meals. Vinicola was established in 1965 in Margao.

So let us all say cheers to everything this beautiful state has to offer! A mind-blowing cuisine, authentic rich flavours, and a homey touch to every meal - right next to you at Bawa Gone Goan. We bring Goa to you, served on a plate, and delivered to you hot and fresh to your doorstep.

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