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A Step Closer To A Greener Environment And Good Health

We believe in the best customer experience every time you place an order with us. Having said that, Bawa Gone Goan in collaboration with Aris BioEnergy Pvt. Ltd. contributed reused oil in an attempt to produce biodiesel, promote healthy habits and reduce carbon footprint. Let's dive deep into this. Who is Aris BioEnergy Pvt. Ltd.? Aris BioEnergy was conceived to promote a greener and healthier environment. This vision led to creating a ‘Bio-Energy’ corporation that provides renewable solutions and helps generate biodiesel from used cooking oil. Our collaboration with Aris BioEnergy Pvt. Ltd.- Bawa Gone Goan is a firm believer in “healthy food, healthier you”. Owing to this, we ensured that the oil that has been turned dark/ black due to overuse is eliminated from our kitchen from time to time. Indians use oil in all their meals, from breakfast to late-night snacks. Reuse of oil is a common practice in almost every Indian household. However, there are adverse effects of doing so if it is used even after it turns dark. Rising cardiovascular diseases, higher rates of obesity, and increasing cancer cases amongst others correlate to excessive consumption of used cooking oil. Keeping this in mind, we contributed the outdated oil to Aris BioEnergy Pvt. Ltd. that in turn is used to generate biodiesel. How will this benefit the environment? A cleaner and greener environment is the need of the hour. This initiative is the first of many steps we will be taking towards a sustainable environment whilst keeping in mind the health of our consumers. Unlike other hotels and restaurants that reuse oil to save on cost, we keep our consumer’s health above all and act accordingly. We aim to always act in the best interest of our consumers and reduce our carbon footprint. The only footprint we want to create is on your hearts!

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