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Driven By Inspiration And Purpose

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

As a 90s kid, our dreams and aspirations were pretty simple. When adults asked us what we want to be when we grow up, the answer they expected was either a doctor, a CA or an engineer. Chef for an answer or a professional choice back then took them by surprise and may have also given them a mini heart attack. But for us, watching our ideals do what they love and are passionate about was everything we ever wanted as adults.

Then adulting hits you and makes you realize that your passion and your dream are to be backed by a purpose. With that said, our founders' purpose is more than just being called chefs. They want to be curators, and explorers and to make this happen, one needs to be inspired and driven.

Our founders believed in choosing their passion as a profession, and they get their inspiration by watching their favourite chefs take the world by storm with the food they cook.

One such person who has indeed turned the lives of budding chefs upside down with his personality and culinary style is Gordon Ramsay. He's been inspiring our founders since childhood. Mr Ramsay is someone who appreciates and uplifts talent when he sees it. His strict demeanour, command over cooking, and humourous and ambitious personality are what inspire the founders of Bawa Gone Goan. It is his close-knit family, and the empire he has built for himself that our founders relate to the most. It is something they desire and wish to achieve in the long run.

As chefs, there is always something new to learn. Imparting this knowledge and insights in the form of a story is a quality only a few possess. For our founders, it is Ranveer Brar who has not only mastered this quality but has taken it to a whole other level with his cooking videos. Even the simplest, most mundane recipe video becomes interesting, thanks to his way of delivering it. He keeps his audience glued to the screen with all the origin stories and nuskhas of every spice and ingredient that goes into the various dishes he cooks. The inspiration of being lifelong learners, upbeat and experimenting with food along the journey comes from him for our founders.

Bawa Gone Goan is more than just a business for our founders. They are here to build and expand a family of talented chefs. This feeling of belongingness is inspired by the most passionate chef- Anahita Dhondy. The pride she takes in her rich heritage and the way she brings out the history of her culture in her style of cooking are what our founders relate to the most. Not just that, but her passion, dedication, loyalty and comforting personality have inculcated a desire for being more than just chefs among our founders.

We all have someone we look up to, and that someone is Nigella Lawson for our founders. They are smitten by the calmness and ease she cooks and bakes with, especially when it is for the holidays. The foreign culture of celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays exudes in Nigella's style of cooking. Her ability to bring festivals to life and her sophisticated yet fun personality is what inspires our founders. Looking at her cook gracefully while sipping on wine and enjoying the food she cooks shows that you are the happiest when you do what you love.

Our founders hope to be where these chefs are and achieve the things they have planned for themselves. They want to take inspiration from these amazing personalities and their story, be life-long learners, keep innovating and create a valuable mark in this industry with their food and their love for it!

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