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Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Exclusive Parsi Food Tour Experience the authentic Parsi Food culture with these six most-loved Parsi dishes.

Sali par Edu-

A Parsi authentic, onions and tomatoes tossed with potato straws and masalas. Topped with fluffy beaten eggs. Served hot with coriander garnish.

This Parsi dish officially brings together the two most loved ingredients in the world; potatoes and eggs. Prepared with crispy fried potatoes tossed in a mixture of onions, tomatoes and Parsi masalas, Sali per edu is a traditional Parsi breakfast dish. Once nicely mixed, it is then topped with fluffy beaten eggs and served hot with coriander garnish.

Parsi Akoori -

A staple in many Parsi homes. A unique blend of onions, tomato and delicious masalas mixed with well-whipped eggs. Enjoyed with buttered pav and hot tea!

Sunday mornings usually start with a plateful of Akoori in every Parsi household. The magic of well-beaten eggs mixed with fresh cut onions and tomatoes tossed in flavourful masalas is unmatched. Pro tip: It goes best with a slice of buttered pav and a cup of piping hot tea!

Russian Bawa Pattice -

Delicious cheesy chicken balls, soft on the inside with a crispy twist on the outside. A Parsi delicacy with a twist.

Luscious chicken balls with a crispy bite outside and melting cheesy chicken inside is just the right way to get any party started. Russian Bawa Pattice is a treat to your taste buds. A Parsi meal without Russian pattice is just as incomplete as bun maska without chai.

Enjoy Bawa Gusto's delicious Chicken Kheema Papetana Pattice. A soft chicken kheema filling surrounded by mashed potato with a fun lacy egg coating. Just like the Bawaji's like it.

Bawa Gusto's Chicken Kheema Papetana Pattice is deliciousness binded tight for you to try. In this dish, soft chicken kheema filling is wrapped around a lining of mashed potatoes, dunked in egg coating and then deep-fried to serve hot. A bit of this amazingness, and you will keep asking for more.

Patra ni machi - whole palm-size pomfret quoted with green Parsi chutney, wrapped with banana leaves and steamed for 30 mins.

The Indian Butterfish or the pomfret, wrapped in banana leaf, is cooked to perfection in steam for almost 30 minutes. The steam helps the flavourful coating of the green chutney seep deep into the skin, giving you an aromatic Parsi dish that goes best with rice and Dhansak.

Check out our delicious creamy Lagan Nu Custards!!!

A soft creamy milk rich dessert served with sliced nuts on the top.

Lagan Nu Custards is a happily ever after to every Parsi meal. The rich, creamy Lagan Nu Custards is a milk-based baked dessert that no one can say no to. The custard is topped with sliced nuts and is absolutely the crowd’s favourite.

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