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Hosting a Party? Here’s a Parsi and Goan Alternate to the Conventional Chicken Curry and Dal

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

When hosting a dinner or house party, the most crucial element after inviting guests is the food. Good food can take your get together to the next level. But yes, with so many options out there, picking a cuisine that stands out can get overwhelming.

Ever tried Parsi or Goan cuisine? Well, if you haven’t, here’s a chance. Impress your guests by ordering the most unique dishes for the evening.

Here are some recommendations to explore.

Goan Cuisine

Make sure that the food your order for the party is a conversation starter. Goan cuisine is known to be a mix of Portuguese food and coastal food. Coconut, seafood, local spices, chillies, cashews and rice are the main ingredients of the cuisine. Some of the popular Goan dishes that you can try are:

  • Goan Fish Curry

  • Chicken Cafreal Gravy

  • Goan Pork Vindaloo (Pork in rich gravy)

  • Chicken Xacuti (Goan Chicken curry)

  • Bread Pudding

Parsi Cuisine

Parsi Cuisine is another unconventional option when looking to order unique food for events and parties. When it comes to Parsi food, there’s always a hidden surprise element; sometimes it is sweetness from jaggery, sometimes, tanginess from vinegar, and sometimes, nutty flavour of cashews and peanuts. Some of the popular Parsi dishes to try are:

  • Chicken Farcha (Fried chicken)

  • Dhansak (Meat or vegetables mixed in lentil gravy served)

  • Patra ni Machhi (Marinated steamed fish)

  • Sali Murghi (Chicken with potato straws)

  • Kolmi no Patio (Shrimp in pumpkin curry)

  • Lagan Nu Custard (Creamy milky dessert with nuts)

Well, the list does not end here. There are many options to try in Parsi and Goan cuisine. Bawa Gone Goan specialises in all things Goan and Parsi cuisine. Adding cherry on the cake is their fusion menu for small orders.

Get access to the best of both worlds by ordering from Bawa Gone Goan’s customised menu. Get customized rates on party orders. Contact us today!

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