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Unraveling The Uniqueness That Is - Bawa Gone Goan

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Before we jump into answering what we are, try imagining the things that you think are impossible--- Rebirth of Iron Man, your favorite show “Friends” coming back with 10 new seasons, a Modern Family spin-off. Now that you have started imagining these things and are hoping for them to be true, we have one such thing that was impossible and is true- Bawa Gone Goan, a conglomeration that serves Parsi & Goan cuisines on a single plate.

The Making of Bawa Gone Goan

Founded on 27th November 2020, Bawa Gone Goan is not just another online food delivery business. With every single meal on its menu being a combination of Parsi & Goan cuisine, it strives to serve uniqueness on a plate. Having a keen knack for experimenting with food, our foodie Founders- Prochi Mahudawala & Nixon Fernandes decided to get on this path of creating something extraordinary. Their journey began in mid-March 2020 when they thought of doing something that makes them happy.

Despite working through a 9 to 5 job, their dream to start something of their own was unshaken. The blueprinting went on till August 2020. Once the planning came to an end, they quit their respective jobs and focused on the execution phase. With the hope to make their dreams a reality, they spent another year to date, working day and night to reach the heights they have always aimed for.

Currently, they have 62 dishes on their menu and are accepting daily as well as bulk orders all over Mumbai. But this is just a tiny fragment of a rather bigger picture. In the long run, they aim to establish roots by opening restaurants all over the world. They want to be a part of the job-giving society. Many people have lost jobs to Covid and are struggling to sustain themselves. One of their financial goals includes providing job opportunities to the underprivileged, women from NGOs, and many such people, and helping them live a financially sound life.

Their Unique Selling Point

Born in a pursuit to spread awareness about the authenticity of Parsi & Goan cuisines, Bawa Gone Goan is all about creating flavor-packed meals that are exceptionally light & homely. The importance given to sourcing the best fresh produce and oils in the preparation of meals is paramount. The founders’ passion for food is showcased by way of the mindful combination of every meal on the menu. The food prepared is fresh, clean, and wholesome with zero additives.

Who is our Mascot?

A combination of our founders’ identities- Bawa Gusto is a representative of the brand. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who loves to eat and spread his love for food. Its origin dates to when our founders started exploring the idea of Parsi-Goan cuisine. To have a personal connection with the customers, they thought of creating a mascot who would represent both cultures.

On a normal day, you will find Bawa Gusto enjoying Farcha while relaxing on the beach and sipping on his favorite drink, coconut water. With his Goan attire and the traditional Parsi hat, he brings out the uniqueness of the brand in the most apt way.

Who are our Founders?

Prochi Mahudawala and Nixon Fernandes – are not your regular enthusiasts, who woke up one morning and decided to start something of their own. Bringing two worlds together is a bold step, one that requires a lot of courage, consideration, and careful articulation of a plan. In their case, their vision has always been simple and noble, which gave birth to Bawa Gone Goan. It is a unique and untapped combination of two cuisines that are poles apart yet alike in many ways.

If you ask us what is the one thing that is common between the two, the only answer we have for you is- how both ethnicities take immense pride in their culture, how they treasure, respect, and take with them the learnings passed down from their ancestors and the passion and love they had for food.

Every bite from these two cuisines exudes their passion and when brought together, think about the magic they create!

What makes these two cuisines work well together?

Goan food has more of a spicy and tangy taste whereas Parsis love to prepare spicy food with a sweet and sour twist. When served together, these two cuisines are sure to teleport you to the fantasy land of flavors. Drooling much? There is a lot more to it and the only way to find out is by placing an order with us, we promise you will not be disappointed.

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