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Savour the Flavour: Bawa Gusto's Pickles - Handcrafted Perfection!

Step into a world where our homemade pickles whisper promises of culinary escapades—vibrant hues of sun-kissed tomatoes, the fiery spirit of spicy chicken, and the delicate dance of homemade prawns await your taste buds. At Bawa Gone Goan, we're not just offering pickles; we're inviting you on an epicurean journey, a flavour odyssey that begins with the simple twist of a jar. Also not invited to our homemade pickle party is any artificial preservative and MSG-like unwanted party crashers, making this pickle not just a flavour bomb but also a gut-friendly and antioxidant-loaded VIP experience.

Add a Touch of Gourmet to Your Everyday Meals with our Bawa Gusto's Pickle Symphony

Tomato Tango: Dive into the zesty wonderland of our sweet and tangy Tomato Pickle—a flavour-packed escapade that turns every meal into a wild dance party for your taste buds. But hold on, this isn't your average pickle—it's a gourmet affair. We've draped these tomatoes in the finest 100% pure organic olive oil, giving them a backstage pass to heart-healthy fame.

Let's talk ingredients—tomatoes are the headliners, with olive oil, vinegar, jaggery, ginger, red chilli, mustard seeds, and salt as the supporting cast. It's like a blockbuster movie in a jar! So, grab a spoon, keep that oil layer partying on top, and refrigerate after opening. Get ready to turn your meals into a flavour fiesta with every spoonful! These pickles can play multiple roles, and can be eaten with your daal rice or parathas pickle, or as a dip for nachos.

Prawn Serenade: Dive into the sea of traditional goodness as our protein-rich homemade prawns perform a sweet and tangy tango with a hint of spice that's enough to keep your taste buds on the move. But this isn't your average pickle; they're the rockstars of the condiment world, grooving once again with 100% pure organic olive oil and no artificial preservatives, ensuring your taste adventure is free from unnecessary drama. Prawns, olive oil, vinegar, jaggery, mustard seeds, spices, and salt—they're not just ingredients; they're the A-listers in this flavour blockbuster. Apart from the usual pairings, they make a unique topping for bruschetta and even help enhance a cheese platter.

Chicken Pickle: And now, drumroll for our bestseller, Bawa Gusto's Chicken Pickle. A family recipe crafted for everyday comfort meals—that resonates with the warmth of home. Indulge in our protein-packed homemade chicken pickle that transforms every meal into a flavourful feast. What sets our Chicken Pickle apart is not just its delectable taste but also its commitment to quality. We use 100% pure organic olive oil, ensuring that each bite is not just a burst of flavour but also a dose of heart-healthy goodness. In every jar, you'll find a harmonious blend of chicken and aromatic spices blended with the richness of olive oil, creating a savoury masterpiece that is pantry essential. Spread it on your paratha, mix it in your pasta, or enjoy it with a cheese platter—there's no wrong way to savour this delicacy.

Health Meets Happiness: Why Bawa Gone Goan's Pickles?

  • Heart-Healthy Oils: Our Bawa Gusto's pickles are not just about taste; they're a commitment to your health. We've replaced traditional oils with the golden goodness of olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fats that promote heart health. With every bite, you're not just indulging; you're nourishing your heart.

  • Antioxidant Bliss: Experience the antioxidant magic of olive oil in every jar. Combat oxidative stress, reduce inflammation, and savour the benefits of pickles that not only taste divine but also contribute to your overall well-being.

  • Essential Fatty Acids Dance: Our Bawa Gusto's pickles are full of essential fatty acids. Omega-3 and omega-6, found in our healthy oils, are not just nutrients; they're your ticket to cognitive health. Elevate your pickle game to feed your body and mind.

  • Smart Salting: We've mastered the art of salt. Our Bawa Gusto's pickles are not just about preserving; they're about smart salting. Just enough to enhance flavour without overpowering or causing any unnecessary pressure on your heart. Indulge in savoury treats that strike the perfect balance.

We get it; health-conscious choices often mean compromising on flavour. But not anymore. At Bawa Gone Goan, we've cracked the code. Our Bawa Gusto's pickles are a testament to the fact that you can have it all—irresistible taste, tradition, and well-being. Ready to embark on a flavour adventure? Visit our sales page now to explore our tantalizing range and buy the best homemade pickles with Bawa Gusto's Pickles.

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